Automate workflows at speed and at scale.

Automate Your Processes Faster

Automate your processes with ease, in plain English. Leverage our cutting-edge AI-powered platform to boost productivity.

Integrate Applications Seamlessly

Integrate 50+ apps with just a click,without the need to setup APIs. Connect internal and external apps and automate faster.

Do more with Intelligent Data Extraction

AutomatR’s Document LLM efficiently extracts data from enterprise documents like forms, invoices, reports, and contracts.  

Automate and operate the entire platform

AutomatR leverages GenAI capabilities that enables users to create automations and operate the platform using natural language.

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Build automation in minutes: Comfortably achieve go-live plans.

Effortlessly automate/sync data between apps or Build complex workflows connecting multiple apps, logical conditions, and data transformation with Ease.

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Seamless Automation Even Without APIs

Automate tasks, connect apps without APIs. Simplify your processes with seamless surface automation, with our low code platform.


Built for diverse use cases, across industries.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention
Fraud Detection and Prevention

AutomatR can analyze transaction patterns in real-time to identify and flag potentially fraudulent activities, helping to prevent financial losses.

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Loan Processing Automation
Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
Accounts Payable and Receivable
Customer Onboarding
Patient Appointment Scheduling
Patient Appointment Scheduling

Automate the scheduling of patient appointments by integrating with calendar systems, enabling patients to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments seamlessly.

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Medical Records Management
Insurance Claim Processing
Remote Patient Monitoring
Clinical Trial Management
Supply Chain Optimization
Supply Chain Optimization

Use automation to monitor and manage the supply chain in real-time, predicting shortages, and optimizing inventory levels to meet production demands.

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Quality Control Automation
Predictive Maintenance
Production Scheduling
Order Processing and Tracking
Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Automate inventory tracking and reordering processes to maintain optimal stock levels, reduce holding costs, and prevent stockouts or overstocking.

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Customer Support Automation
Personalized Marketing Campaigns
Point of Sale (POS) System Integration
E-commerce Order Fulfillment
Personalized Customer Experiences
Personalized Customer Experiences

Automate the creation of personalized travel recommendations based on customer preferences, past behavior, and real-time data.

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Booking and Reservation Automation
Intelligent Travel Itineraries
Operational Efficiency in Hospitality
Real-Time Customer Support
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Finance & Banking IconFinance & Banking
Healthcare IconHealthcare
Manufacturing IconManufacturing
Retail IconRetail
Tourism and Travel IconTourism and Travel
🕵️Fraud Detection and Prevention
🔄Loan Processing Automation
📜Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
💰Accounts Payable and Receivable
🤝Customer Onboarding
Corporate Business Handshake

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Analyze transaction patterns in real-time to identify and flag potentially fraudulent activities, helping to prevent financial losses.

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